Our Leathers and Care


Proper care and treatment of your goods is very important to ensure their long life and wearability. Our leathers, furs and wool require a small measure of care and maintenance to protect them from the effects of exposure resulting from regular use.


When sourcing our leathers, we ask about the origin of the leather to ensure that it is procured from an ethical source. Our deer and cow nappa is sourced from excellent tanneries in New Zealand, which supplies some of the most supple, luxurious leathers that reflect the beauty of the environment these animals grew up in, and the humane husbandry that has taken place to respect and maintain their hides. Likewise, the rabbit and possum furs are sourced from smaller tanneries across this country.


  • Be careful when inserting heavy items, as doing so may damage or deform the shape of the product.
  • Products may undergo wear due to external friction or shocks. External friction may cause colour transfer, contamination and abrasion.
  • Exposure to heat, moisture, sunlight, alcohol and oily substances may cause discolouration or change the shape of the product.
  • Products with fur and/or wool are to be handled gently; to prevent hair loss please do not tug on or pick up the product by the furry and/or woolly side.


For optimum leather care it is best to clean your bag by gently dabbing with a soft cloth dampened in water if the product gets dirty. For fur and wool maintenance, a mild soap or baby shampoo should be applied. Try to avoid using a brush, as doing so would result in fur / wool falling out. For cow leather, protective sprays and leather conditioner are recommended for quality longevity.


Store in the branded dust bag in a well-ventilated dry area away from sunlight.