Social Responsibility



Pedro’s Bluff is committed to offering customers a high standard of quality and transparency. We take pride in being an attentive, concerned and committed company, and are engaged with every stage of product creation, from sourcing to design and manufacturing.


We are dedicated to creating well-designed products using the highest quality materials. Our materials are sourced from New Zealand, Italy, China and Japan. We conduct research to ensure that leathers and furs are traced down to the animal’s place of origin and are ethically sourced. Cowhides, lambswool, rabbit fur and deer hides are byproducts of meat and/or velvet farming, and possum fur is a byproduct of the pest control programme in New Zealand. We always select hides from the best possible provenance to ensure that the animals have been brought up with care and lived wholesome lives, and this is reflected in the quality of our leathers. 


Our countries of manufacture are New Zealand and China, and we partner with high quality producers in those two countries whom we love working with. In selecting our manufacturers, we ensure that there is no use of involuntary labour, child labour, corporal punishment, or discrimination of any kind. Also crucial is that employers maintain a clean, safe workplace and provide wages and benefits in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.